Happy New Year Y’all

I guess by now everyone is past the holidays and back into the swing of of things? I certainly am. I’ve set up a fresh Scrivener project, and am officially making 2017 the year of the Black Box. If you’ve read Santuario, you might remember the mention of a mysterious computer? A black box that was collected as evidence and never mentioned again? Well it will be now.  I’ll be following Matti and Tom around, and diving into the history of the world Santuario is set in and it’s secrets.

Marginally connected to that, I’m aux anges with the set-up of a KVM switch between my two machines, so that I can now write in Scrivener on the mac and still do everything else on the linux box WITH ONLY ONE MOUSE AND KEYBOARD. This makes my life so much easier.

Anyway, that’s my January update. I’ll now go back to shoveling snow.

Oh, wait, before I forget: I didn’t do a best of my reads of 2016 (sorry, I was swamped), but you guys will have to read Kirby Crow’s Malachite. Trust me on this. It is easily the best thing I read in 2016.

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Join Me – Win Things

The blog tour–general celebration–for the release of Bluewater Blues starts Monday, Oct 17th.


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I’ve been quiet on the social media front

The reason is two-fold. One – there’s only so much dickery and drama I can deal with before I have to hole up and regrow a bit of skin armour. Enough said.

Two – on the plus side, I’ve been quite busy with edits, blurb and cover art for the next Bluewater Bay novel. And let me tell you, that cover turned out sooo perfect. I can’t wait to show you. (For those of you who’ve read When to Hold Them, this is Jack’s book, the new grocery store owner.)

Also, while I’m waiting to get the second round of edits back, I’ve been plotting, and actually started to write yet another Bluewater Bay. This one hasn’t been contracted yet, but the Greencard plotbunny is all Sarah Lyon’s fault.

On the whole I think pulling back a bit has done those two books good. It’s certainly given me a breather. So, back into the fray, right? 😉

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Top 3 of 2015

I’ve read a lot of absolutely amazing books this year, so it was impossible to choose just three for the top. Even with the four I did end up picking out, I feel like I’ve cheated someone.

Apart from that, I just hit ‘send’ on my BWB submission due today!. I’m so very behind on everything else, and won’t even try to write reviews now. I need a bit more brainpower to do these books justice. So, a naked list will have to do for this year, with, hopefully, reviews to follow when I can word again.

3. Hammer and Bone by Kirby Crow

2. Nightingale By Aleksandr Voinov and For Real by Alexis Hall

1. Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates (audiobook)

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October is Queer Romance Month

Blog Badge 2

If you’ve been following along, excellent. If you haven’t, come on over and take a peek. Because “We All Need Stories”.

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Let there be booktour

Join the party for the release of When to Hold Them. Don’t miss exclusive guest posts, interviews, and, of course, prizes!



Real love is always a gamble.

Check out this  latest release in the Bluewater Bay universe.

Available now at Riptide and on Monday where ebooks are sold.




Stops for this tour:

August 17, 2015 The Jeep Diva
August 17, 2015 Crystal’s Many Reviewers
August 17, 2015 My Fiction Nook
August 18, 2015 MM Good Book Reviews
August 18, 2015 Creative Deeds
August 18, 2015 Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents
August 19, 2015 All I Want and More
August 19, 2015 3 Chicks After Dark
August 20, 2015 Love Bytes Reviews
August 20, 2015 TTC Books and More
August 21, 2015 Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous
August 21, 2015 Rainbow Gold Reviews
August 21, 2015 Prism Book Alliance
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No more book cover icons

When Santuario was my one and only, I plastered its face across every available surface. Which was fine as far as it went. But as Winter came out, I already had an inkling that this might not be the ideal solution in the long run. And when I started to get involved in the Bluewater Bay series, I had to face the fact that the covers weren’t doing it anymore.

The problem with book covers as banners or icons is, you always want the newest release visible. So they change. Admittedly not very fast in my case ;P But still enough to become potentially difficult to recognize for infrequent followers or across platforms. What I needed was a coherent and recognizable web presence.

Catherine Dair – artist superhero to the rescue. She listened to my vague ideas and provided me with a suit of graphic art that simply fits me like a glove. (Absolutely brilliant collaboration experience. If you’re thinking of revamping your online look, hire her. I can’t recommend her enough.) I might have squealed when I got the set just in time for the release of When to Hold Them this coming Monday.

Today I rolled up my sleeves and spent a few hours elbow-deep in html code, and messing about with image and .svg files. Behold the new Gordon look on the website and across social media platforms. I never thought I would say this, but I can’t wait to order business cards now.

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LGBTQ Push Back Giveaway


By now you’ll have heard about Indiana’s Religious Freedom and Restoration Act, and you’ve probably heard of the pizza place that discriminated their own business into the ground and then brazenly asked for financial support to stay afloat and got it. Yeah, that. A lot of adjectives come to mind to describe that situation. Unfortunately they won’t change a thing.

What will change a thing? Getting queer kids off the streets, providing beds and support. Helping the helpers; that changes things.

Kate Aaron, Meredith King, and AJ Rose have organized a push-back: Between now and May 1st, donate the money for your next book purchase (or, of course, more if you can and are so inclined)  to one of the fundraisers set up to counter the hate (or any other charity of your choice). In order not to deprive you of your read, we, the participating authors, are raffling off copies of our books. In my case, the winner will have the choice between Santuario and The Other Side of Winter.

So, go. Play. Donate. Show the bigots your fully extended middle finger and LGBTQ kids your support and compassion.

Find all relevant information and Rafflecopter at Diverse Reader.

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Mark your calendars

Push Back LGBTQ Charity Giveaway!!! April 18th diversereader.blogspot.com

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Bluewater Bay

Do you find that either nothing seems to be happening or everything happens at once? Yeah, that. My keyboard’s barely had a chance to cool after the release tour of The Other Side of Winter, I’ve just sent out all the signed PB copies you guys ordered, and now the next book is ready for pre-order. Nope, doesn’t have anything to do with Santuario.

Remember me telling you about the Bluewater Bay universe? Yeah that. (I seem to be saying that a lot.)

When to Hold Them, my first Bluewater Bay story (and no.9 in the series) is now up for pre-order on the Riptide Publishing website. Release date is August 17th.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, I recently signed a contract for another Bluewater Bay novel, scheduled for late 2016. This, since it has a deadline I really, really need to keep, is the book I’m mainly working on right now. Which isn’t to say the muse doesn’t occasionally feed me Tom/Matti tidbits, mind you. Or even pieces of the next Bengt/Alex story, which, damn, muse, stop trying to write all the books at once.
So, yeah, I’m slowly trying to let go of Xavier and Doran and getting to know Jack and Mark. Now you know what I’m up to these days.

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