I’ve been quiet on the social media front

The reason is two-fold. One – there’s only so much dickery and drama I can deal with before I have to hole up and regrow a bit of skin armour. Enough said.

Two – on the plus side, I’ve been quite busy with edits, blurb and cover art for the next Bluewater Bay novel. And let me tell you, that cover turned out sooo perfect. I can’t wait to show you. (For those of you who’ve read When to Hold Them, this is Jack’s book, the new grocery store owner.)

Also, while I’m waiting to get the second round of edits back, I’ve been plotting, and actually started to write yet another Bluewater Bay. This one hasn’t been contracted yet, but the Greencard plotbunny is all Sarah Lyon’s fault.

On the whole I think pulling back a bit has done those two books good. It’s certainly given me a breather. So, back into the fray, right? 😉

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2 Responses to I’ve been quiet on the social media front

  1. Carolyn says:

    I’m glad there were positive things going on while you stepped back. I’m definitely looking forward to Jack’s book whenever it happens. :)

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