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Some Ms are more equal than others?

Reviewing cisM/cisM books exclusively, because that’s what gets you off is your prerogative. Nothing wrong with that in my book. But postulating that that is the only ‘pure’ M/M genre out there and that any romance novel involving transmen should … Continue reading

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I still don’t have a solid second case for the boys to work, though I do have an idea that’s slowly starting to coalesce. I’m reading up on what makes and motivates serial killers, and that’s making me decidedly queasy. … Continue reading

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Movie: John Carter

A cheesy, pulpy, swashbuckling, tongue-in-cheek romp. Very Frazetta in style. Bit uneven in plot and pacing, but really good popcorn fun. I enjoyed it.

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It’s gone

All edits are finished, and I just submitted the manuscript! For the time being, it’s out of my hands, if not nearly out of my head. Still feeling more deflated than elated, especially since any news will be preceded by … Continue reading

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2nd edit done

I feel a bit deflated, as if someone let the air out. Printed the whole manuscript again, so I can do a final read-through on paper to check for consistency. After I’m done and the novel is submitted, I might … Continue reading

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Edit Monday

Got chapters 11 and 12 back from second beta reader over the weekend, so I know what I’ll be doing today. Edit it in and poke the third beta. 😉 Getting very close to the end of the second edit … Continue reading

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Idle musings

If you ask me who or what I consider myself to be, I might answer things like writer, photographer, cook. You know, all those organically creative things that run (or that I at least run) at human speed. The word … Continue reading

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