Happy New Year Y’all

I guess by now everyone is past the holidays and back into the swing of of things? I certainly am. I’ve set up a fresh Scrivener project, and am officially making 2017 the year of the Black Box. If you’ve read Santuario, you might remember the mention of a mysterious computer? A black box that was collected as evidence and never mentioned again? Well it will be now.  I’ll be following Matti and Tom around, and diving into the history of the world Santuario is set in and it’s secrets.

Marginally connected to that, I’m aux anges with the set-up of a KVM switch between my two machines, so that I can now write in Scrivener on the mac and still do everything else on the linux box WITH ONLY ONE MOUSE AND KEYBOARD. This makes my life so much easier.

Anyway, that’s my January update. I’ll now go back to shoveling snow.

Oh, wait, before I forget: I didn’t do a best of my reads of 2016 (sorry, I was swamped), but you guys will have to read Kirby Crow’s Malachite. Trust me on this. It is easily the best thing I read in 2016.

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