Workspace Porn

This week, I confess, I am drooling. KJ Charles works in the kind of space I’d be all over, if I could use it for more than six months a year. Alas, our climate would make heating a writing shed or gazebo prohibitively expensive. Still, one can dream.

(If you’d like to know what led to Workspace Wednesdays, or how you can be a part of it, read this post.)

“Basically, I work in a shed in the garden. The gate goes to the park behind our house which is why I complain a lot about squirrels: they take flying leaps off the tree and use my roof as a trampoline. The view isn’t much, basically of another shed at the, uh, utility end of the garden, but at least I see daylight all day, plus there are birds: robins, wrens, bluetits, coaltits, jays, blackbirds, the occasional parakeet, and lots of magpies.
Inside, we have…a blackboard wall, from the shed’s stint as the children’s playroom; a good chair (vital). My separate monitor is broken but I use a wireless keyboard because laptops are evil for your back. And a metric ton of books, which are primarily Regency and Victorian history, London history, queer history, folklore, Gothic and magic. I suspect you could play ‘guess the author from the bookshelf’ fairly easily.
And that’s the Shed.”

KJ can be found at and on twitter @kj_charles
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2 Responses to Workspace Porn

  1. Bojnberry says:

    I think as long as it isn’t too big (think 2.5 x 3m tops) and you insulate it properly, it shouldn’t be that hard to warm it. One of those oil radiator heaters hooked up to a timer to turn on a couple of hours before you head in and you’re golden :).

    Boj recently rebuilt our shed and I was sore anxious to do something like that too, but then all the yard stuff went back into it. Too bad!

    • Gordon says:

      You, my friend, are an evil enabler and giving me all sorts of ideas. We really need a tool shed, which will take up that space, but some day, who knows, a sunroom addition might be in order. At least a 3-season one should be doable.

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