Making space to write

This seems to be a constant theme in writers’ lives. It is and has been in mine, this making space to write–in our heads, in our homes, or finding spaces outside of home. It’s a constant challenge, so I’m always interested to see how other writers do it. And it seems you are as well; at least there was more of a resonance than I expected when I thought out loud about the idea of sharing how we create our spaces. I’d like to turn this idea into a regular (weekly, if I get enough submissions) guest post, where we can be inspired by each other’s writing spaces.

So, consider this your official invite. Let me know where you write. Send me a picture or two of your writing spot with a few lines (be it three or thirty–your call), explaining what  you need in your physical space to create space in your mind:
Anything you can think of. Here are some questions to get you started, if you’re stuck:

  • How do you organize your space?
  • What tools do you use: books, software, hardware … coffeeware?
  • Do you need a great view in front of you? A blank wall?
  • Do you need silence, background chatter, music?
  • Do you need a specific spot, a desk, a table in the house? Or do you write anywhere? As long as you have your trusted …?
  • Do you need different spaces for writing, editing, plotting, …?
  • What realities do you have to contend with that limit your space, and how do you work around them?

If there’s other stuff that’s important to you, or that you’d like to include, bring it. This is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers. Let’s get Workspace Wednesdays rolling. And check back here on Wednesdays for your fellow authors’ spaces. Comment, get ideas, share solutions. Help me make this ‘a thing’.

First Workspace Wednesday coming up on January 28th. See you then.

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