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It’s out of my hands again

Hard to believe, but developmental edits are actually done, and two weeks ago the boys were relinquished into the line editor’s hands. It’s a bit like a desensitization process so release day won’t kill us authors dead on the spot, … Continue reading

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Rounding in …

… on the end of dev edits. Or so I hope. Haven’t heard back from my editor, who might still be on vacation (I should’ve asked when she’ll be back). So shit might still hit the fan. But I’m working … Continue reading

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Sent off the edits for chapter 12 on Friday, and was looking forward to a relaxing long weekend. Then woke up Saturday morning to kitchen counters covered in mice droppings. All the kitchen counters. Disgusting. Scrubbed one side and the … Continue reading

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On schedule

You’ll be happy to hear that the muse made a brief reappearance on Thursday to grudgingly give me some inspiration on a scene involving darkness and tents. Yeah. So far, dev edits are going smoothly (I haven’t gotten to the … Continue reading

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Stages of Edits

Spent the week marking spots in the printout and writing up a storm of edit notes on the draft, and finished that Friday night. Did I mention I hate developmental edits? Yes? Once or twice? Fair enough. The muse hates … Continue reading

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WIP Weekend

I’ve been trying to get on board with this WIP Wednesday thingie, but blogging during the week just doesn’t seem to happen for me. So, in keeping with the alliterative meme, I’ll try to shoot for WIP Weekends. We’ll see … Continue reading

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Bluewater Bay

This post has been a long time coming. Remember the surprise project I mentioned back in April? The contemporary in a shared universe? I’ve been wriggling to tell you all about that. So, when, some ten days ago, Riptide Publishing … Continue reading

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Stuff happened

So, I finish the rewrite of Santuario II, send the manuscript out to my betas, and start plotting the next book in the series, when, with a terrible screeching sound, a project careens in sideways and shimmies right in front … Continue reading

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I’m going back to the drawing board with the title for Santuario II. Since I chose it, another book has come out with that title, and two M/M novels with the same title at the same publisher just doesn’t strike … Continue reading

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It’s a brand-new, still-wet-behind-the-ears year

2013 was amazing. To meet so many of you, readers and fellow authors, online and IRL blew me away. It’s been inspiring and humbling, and all kinds of squeeworthy. Thank you to all of you who bought and loved Santuario, … Continue reading

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