Bluewater Bay

This post has been a long time coming.

Remember the surprise project I mentioned back in April? The contemporary in a shared universe? I’ve been wriggling to tell you all about that.

So, when, some ten days ago, Riptide Publishing raised the curtain and officially announced the Bluewater Bay series, I erupted all over twitter and tumblr. But I just didn’t get to blog about it. The muse and real life conspired to keep me busy with other things.

Which, that muse. Seriously. She’s been bugging me about the third Bengt & Alex book (which is going to be the fourth–and so far last–Santuario book) as if there was no tomorrow. That one is not in any way scheduled yet, Muse. It doesn’t even have a plot, only a very general idea of needing to resolve a last issue from the first book and maybe bringing the series to a full circle if I can pull it off.

Anyway, Bluewater Bay. The contemp I’m currently writing is part of that series and will probably come out late next year. I’m very excited about being part of this shared universe. It’s a first for me, and I’m having a blast writing it. Remember the names Xavier and Doran. I’m occasionally posting snippets on twitter.

In other news, Santuario 2 is currently in dev edits at Riptide, and I’m expecting it back any day now, hoping any changes won’t be too substantial (Don’t we always?). For that one I’m expecting a release date late this or early next year. We’ll see.

In between those two projects I’m collecting plot points for Santuario 3. I have the MCs and the corners of a plot, but still need to connect all the dots.

You see, things are moving from and in every conceivable direction at, for me, breakneck speed, and I’m surprisingly unstressed so far. Right, we’ll see how well I’ll hold up when those edits come back.

There, you should be all caught up now about what’s going on in the Gordonverse at the moment. Feel free to poke me with any comments or questions, here, or on any of my other regular haunts. Of the latter, twitter will get you the fastest response. I’m always lagging a bit on FB and GR, and I do apologize for that. My excuse is that there’s only so much time I can take away from writing. 😉

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