It’s out of my hands again

Hard to believe, but developmental edits are actually done, and two weeks ago the boys were relinquished into the line editor’s hands. It’s a bit like a desensitization process so release day won’t kill us authors dead on the spot, or so I imagine.

I’ve bashed my head against a suitable synopsis and blurb and all the other info that goes into the cover art request, ran it all by my most lovely dev editor last week, and the CAR for Santuario II went out on Saturday.  So, until I get the line edits back, I’m free again to do some work on the Bluewater Bay story.

Yeah. That.

I kinda stalled out on the first draft in the penultimate chapter, there. Not because I don’t know what’s going to happen, or how it ends, but because I have the uneasy feeling that underlying chara motivations changed somewhat, and that the whole build-up of that is a bit wonky. So, I’ve printed what I have so far and am doing rewrite notes early to regain a handle on things. Since the beginning of the week is supposed to be blessed with stunning weather, I’m planning extensive deck chair work. (Did I mention I love my job?)

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