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On schedule

You’ll be happy to hear that the muse made a brief reappearance on Thursday to grudgingly give me some inspiration on a scene involving darkness and tents. Yeah. So far, dev edits are going smoothly (I haven’t gotten to the … Continue reading

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Stages of Edits

Spent the week marking spots in the printout and writing up a storm of edit notes on the draft, and finished that Friday night. Did I mention I hate developmental edits? Yes? Once or twice? Fair enough. The muse hates … Continue reading

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Bluewater Bay

This post has been a long time coming. Remember the surprise project I mentioned back in April? The contemporary in a shared universe? I’ve been wriggling to tell you all about that. So, when, some ten days ago, Riptide Publishing … Continue reading

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Stuff happened

So, I finish the rewrite of Santuario II, send the manuscript out to my betas, and start plotting the next book in the series, when, with a terrible screeching sound, a project careens in sideways and shimmies right in front … Continue reading

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