A Pearl in the Pigsty that was 2020

Around Christmas I would have told you that 2020 was a nearly total loss.  That, even though I had more time to write than ever, I had zero brain space available.  That even for a couple of introverts, seeing no friends or family in person for almost the whole year is draining.

On the plus side, we’re part of the lucky few–even though we were hit with a temporary wage reduction, there was no job loss involved, and we have no kids to worry about or homeschool.  Yes, the gym was closed, but we managed to rig something in the basement, and we biked and hiked a lot.

And then, just before the year came to a close, the writing fairy waved her magic wand, and I got the rights to my Bluewater Bay books back. To say that was unexpected would be an understatement. It sent me into a frenzy of cover negotiations and re-layouting, and I’m happy to let you know that all three books are available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle until they go live on January 13th. If you already bought them, there’s no need to do so again; the changes are truly minor. But Operation Green Card went down very shortly after its first release, and quite a few of you have let me know that you missed the chance to get it. So, here you go. In light of recent events a bit of book escapism may be just what the doctor ordered.

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