Well, it IS the depth of winter …

… I guess we’ll see if there lays an invincible summer within me.

I have received my Reversion of Rights letter from Riptide Publishing, and all my books have been pulled from the Riptide website. It will take a little longer until they disappear everywhere else.

I’ve removed all images of cover art I have posted anywhere, because the copyright for the covers is Riptide’s.

I’ll try to find a new home for the Santuario series, but the Bluewater Bay universe belongs to Riptide, so my Bluewater Bay books are permanently out of print.

I have a limited amount of author copies of both the the Santuario and Bluewater Bay novels available for sale. Shoot me an email at gordon[at]kontext.ca or through the contact form if you’d like one. I’d be more than happy to sign it for you.

There is way more in my heart I want to say about this, and maybe some day it will find its way out, but for now I have to keep it to the bare bones if I don’t want to explode in a mess all over the internet; and that would serve no one. Stay vigilant. Keep calling out those who prey on the vulnerable and those who kick down, if you can. Be safe.

(If this blog post catches you unawares, and you have no idea what I’m talking about, this tumblr post is a good place to start.)

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