Idle musings

If you ask me who or what I consider myself to be, I might answer things like writer, photographer, cook. You know, all those organically creative things that run (or that I at least run) at human speed. The word computer geek would not be at the forefront of my mind. And then there comes a day when I catch myself editing on my trusted linux box with one beta review on the Windows laptop to my right and another on the iPad to my left, quickly dashing off a question on Twitter, and that image I have of myself gets all screwed up.

Hell I’m one of those peeps who were still adamant about not being able to write creatively with anything but a pen in my hands when LJ hit one million users (remember LJ?). Now I feel really weird with anything but a keyboard under my fingers, fixed or portable (still hate typing on the iPad, btw).

Conveniences have a way of trickling in under the radar and changing the way we look at things. I’m the last person on earth to want go back to the stone age (I’m way too lazy for that), but just to, dunno, lean back, look at the way things are, acknowledge them and how they change your look on life, and make them a conscious decision (or not), rather than be run by them unawares.

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