New Year, new book

The Other Side of Winter (Santuario 2) is pretty much wrapped at my end. We finished the copy edits yesterday, and I ordered my box of print copies. I don’t expect proofs to be too much of a headache (famous last words, I know). What I should do for that one is break my head over posts for the blog tour.>>If there’s any particular topic you’d like me to cover, or any questions you’d like me to answer, shoot me a comment, or hit the red ‘Get in touch’ button on the right edge.<<

As for the Bluewater Bay novel, I wrote synopsis and blurb last weekend, and finished the cover art request, so that one’s out of my hands until the dev edits come back.

That leaves me free to work on Black Box. I started writing that one around Christmas, but fizzled out after only a few hundred words. The plot outline I had was just not working. The beginning bored me to tears. And if it bores me, it’s going to bore you, which is not acceptable. I’d been more or less idly kicking that one around in my head for the past few weeks, the muse feeding me stingy little bits and one-liners that ever so slightly shifted the characterization of both protags. Today I sat down to redo the outline. I threw index cards around like confetti, rearranged them in elaborate mosaics, scribbled here, scratched out there–in short, I made an inspiring creative mess of things, and I’m much happier with what I have now. I should be able to do at least the first few chapters, before I run into a couple of looser points that need to be tied down still. We’ll see.

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