Title reveal and submission

The line edits for Santuario2 are done, and blurb, tags, and all the other accoutrements delivered. The cover is absolutely stunning (I can’t wait to show you), and the title is finally settled (Yes!). Lots of tugging on imaginary curtains. Tada: The Other Side of Winter

I’ve also gone over the beta edits for the Bluewater Bay novel and submitted that earlier this month (another tada).

So everything feels done, done.  I’m scribbling a sentence or paragraph here and there, but the muse has eaten too much chocolate and gingerbread (I also suspect she got into the rum we brought back from Cuba), and is idly twirling gift wrapping ribbons around her thumbs while I’m organizing files. I’ve long been planning to collect all the bits and pieces like plans, plot bunnies, orphaned scenes, half-written novels, and terrible first drafts into a private wiki, so I can find things back at a click when I’m looking for them. That is finally happening. It’s the classic year end clean-up that allows for a breather, sets a symbolic marker, and frees capacities for a fresh start.

In that spirit I’m toasting you with some rum-spiced eggnog and wish you all Happy Holidays and lots of cheer celebrating whatever you’re into.

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