“Listen, the snow is falling over town”

Yup, shovelled snow for the first time this winter. The long dark season has arrived. But in the writing cave the news are excellent.

The Bluewater Bay novel is out to betas. Which, since it’s due at the end of the year, is a huge weight off my chest.

And, while I’m waiting for the lines for Santuario II to come back, I started plotting another Santuario novel. It’s not, strictly speaking Santuario III yet, as it has a different main couple, and Alex and Bengt appear without carrying a POV. But it does deal with one of the open plot points of the first book. So, a spin-off? Tie-in? I’ll call it 2.5 aka Black Box for now. The muse couldn’t care less. She just really wants to write this one. One of the MCs is trans. We’re both pretty excited about that, since it touches ground close to home. I worked out a decent plot skeleton today, and will start a first research wave tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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2 Responses to “Listen, the snow is falling over town”

  1. Sofia di Leone says:

    At the moment I’m reading Santuario 2 – so I’m super glad to have found your site and to hear that there will be more Alex/Bengst and Tom/Matti – I was just thinking that I would like to have more Tom.

    Wishing you happy writing, which will make me happy reading – cheeky I know.

    • Gordon says:

      You happy makes me happy. 😉 (Sorry for the late answer. Just catching up on things post-vacation)

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