I’ve been quiet here recently

Truth is, this book is kicking my ass. Or the muse is. Whichever way one wants to look at it.

First I got kicked out of my comfortable linear writing groove by having scenes pop up left and right and all over the place in no particular order. Then the underlying theme and character motivations changed four! times. Four times I rewrote the complete outline, sure now that this was it. And I still duck out from under things falling into place. At least all the changes are moving in the same general direction, tightening holes, tying shit together. So there’s that.

But man, am I behind the schedule I’d envisioned at the beginning of the year, which basically had me start the rewrite in September, edit in November, and sending the manuscript out to betas before Christmas. Yeah, well, that not only didn’t happen, but all those changes during writing are going to make the rewrite an epic headache in itself.

While there’s no way anything is going out to anyone before the new year, I need to allow myself to suck and just get this shit down. So I booked the inner editor in a friendly little supermax cell in Millhaven, and I plan on using his absence for an amended nanowrimo. The plan is to write 1000 words a day (which is below nano limits, but above my usual) until I’ve finished the last three chapters. I expect that to be something like 15,000 words; so in theory, and since I’ve kept my schedule as free of encroaching crap as possible, it should be entirely doable. Famous last words, I know. We’ll see. I’ll need you guys to kick my butt (especially off twitter) and stay on my case. Seriously. Bug me. Ask me how much I wrote at the end of the day. (The muse is stocking up on blankets and hot cocoa at this point, but I’m beyond caring. I think we both need a little pain here to Get. This. Done.)


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