Tenth and Last Letter


My dearest Margrijt,

I feel as if I have come full circle. Again there is a lad sitting on my knees. And even though he is not mine, I feel, I bear a part in his existence, in, by helping protect his mother, making it possible he be born. For a while, after all the turmoil and so many deaths, I was doubtful whether life as we know it would be able to prevail, but some things in us and around us are stronger than we are ourselves. I will always bear the mark of what was done to me and the responsibility for what I did to you. Both of you. But today, with the autumn sun shining in through the window and a boy on my knees whose mother is as brave and strong as another lad’s mother so long ago, the load seems bearable.

Yours with most loving regard,


What is this?

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