Uhm, yeah, about the shiny

So, it seems the M/M Romance group over on Goodreads has this recurring event called Don’t Read In The Closet, and for 2013 it is Love Has No Boundaries. Readers post pictures and prompts for stories they’d like someone to write for them, and authors grab the prompt and run with it.

So, it seems I’m now writing a story for LHNB. *sheepish grin* It has cute guys and puppies and sex (duh!), and it’s a lot of fun to write. No pressure, no prescribed length or anything – just a sweet li’l love story. It practically writes itself. 😉

If you’re a group member, you can find the prompt and any teasers here.

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One Response to Uhm, yeah, about the shiny

  1. Cute guys and puppies and sex… OH MY! 😀

    That’s a cool deal. I’ll have to keep an eye out for your story. I did rejoin the group, but never go there. Gonna have to poke my head in, don’t want to miss it 😀

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