Virtual book tour coming up

The release date for Santuario is ticking closer with every day, and I’m busy answering interview questions and writing blog posts for the big launch tour. This is where I’ll be when:

Oct 08: Amara’s Place & Friskbiskit

Oct 09: Cole Riann The Armchair Reader

Oct 10: The Kimi-Chan Experience

Oct 11: Ed & Em’s reviews

Oct 12: All I Want and More

Please, don’t leave me all alone out there, stop by and say hello, and don’t throw any vegetables in advanced stages of decomposition. I’m excited as hell and scared in  equal measures.

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2 Responses to Virtual book tour coming up

  1. You won’t be all alone out there. I shall follow you and cheer you on. And I promise… no throwing vegetables. Only Amara style claymores and hand grenades. Go GB Go GB! 😀

    *whispers* don’t worry. You’re gonna do great.

    • Gordon says:

      *lol* Well, so far, so good. Which of course means I’ll be properly unprepared for the first pans. Anyway, thanks, love. You gave me a great start.

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