Edits done?

Waiting with bated breath for return email, but it looks like the edits on Santuario are finally done. That was a lot more back and forth (and a lot more changes) than I expected after first appraisals. But they wonderfully resolved the qualms that I had about the amount of background information in the text and how to space it. (Impossible to decide for my own texts how much is too much or too little.)

So, while I might not always have been happy dealing with them (hear, hear), the result sure made it all worthwhile.

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5 Responses to Edits done?

  1. Yaaay! Can’t wait to get my gubby little hands on it.

  2. *sigh* that would be ‘grubby’. Not gubby.

    Here’s me, correcting my own typo’s on your blog. 😀 Don’t mind me. lol going back to my Place now. *waves* bye!

    • gordon says:

      *g* I totally get it. You shoulda seen my face when I first started on twitter and realized I can’t edit my posts. 😉

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