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I’m a structuralist, dammit!

What the muse doesn’t get is that I don’t work well in utter chaos. She keeps throwing these enticing bits and pieces from all over the story at me in no particular order, and I get mired. I know roughly … Continue reading

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A happy muse

… makes for a good word count.  I’m hopeful of finishing chapter two before the line edits come in, though the muse keeps handing me bits and pieces of later chapters which I dutifully note down. So it goes.

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I hope to be done with this pass

… by tomorrow. And then on to the line edit. Hopefully that’ll be it. I’m starting to know every line by heart and really just want to kick this baby out the door to play. I have some writing to … Continue reading

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Crisis management

I’ve had this nebulous epic story in my head for a long time, and when I saw the Riptide submission call for Frontiers, said nebula birthed a plot bunny. Now, I knew the whole story was too big for me … Continue reading

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My muse is a diva. Laid up with the flu these past days I would have had all the time in the world to write, but no: “Ewwww, body fluids leaking everywhere.” — “I want an unfoggy brain.” Whine, whine. … Continue reading

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