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On Day 2 of the Santuario Blog Tour

I’ll talk at The Armchair Reader about the inspiration behind the story, why the muse didn’t like my idea, and what we finally agreed on. After, err, an informed and respectful discussion. There’ll be a 10$ Riptide gift credit waiting … Continue reading

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And so it begins

My first blog tour day is here, and I answer questions and talk about Santuario. Every commenter who leaves their email enters into a draw for a 10$ Riptide gift credit. You can play at every stop. This morning Amara … Continue reading

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Virtual book tour coming up

The release date for Santuario is ticking closer with every day, and I’m busy answering interview questions and writing blog posts for the big launch tour. This is where I’ll be when: Oct 08: Amara’s Place & Friskbiskit Oct 09: … Continue reading

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Santuario is live!

To say I’m thrilled is a colossal understatement. ‘Santuario’ is now scheduled for release, October 08 2012, and it’s available for pre-order at Riptide Publishing. (All pre-orders enter in a draw to win free e-books for a year.) I’m not … Continue reading

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Edits done?

Waiting with bated breath for return email, but it looks like the edits on Santuario are finally done. That was a lot more back and forth (and a lot more changes) than I expected after first appraisals. But they wonderfully … Continue reading

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A happy muse

… makes for a good word count.  I’m hopeful of finishing chapter two before the line edits come in, though the muse keeps handing me bits and pieces of later chapters which I dutifully note down. So it goes.

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I hope to be done with this pass

… by tomorrow. And then on to the line edit. Hopefully that’ll be it. I’m starting to know every line by heart and really just want to kick this baby out the door to play. I have some writing to … Continue reading

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Still editing

Agonizing for hours and days over one little spot, writing and rewriting and changing it around only to end up with a passage where maybe a handful of words are changed. Then I agonize some more — Is that enough? … Continue reading

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I always find it a little harrowing to get used to a new editor. Until I know their style I tend to read ever stupid little bit as criticism of my baby. It’s as irrational as unavoidable (or at least … Continue reading

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Looks like Santuario has a cover

For now you’ll just have to believe me that it’s utterly gorgeous and that both guys look delish. I promise I’ll show you as soon as TPTB give their d’accord. In the meantime I’m laboring to produce a blurb (which … Continue reading

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